General Facts


1. What am I looking at?

This is the FAQ of the opennews.*-hierarchy. The hierarchy was installed in march 2005. Currently, it contains five groups:

* opennews.admin -- Announcements, downtimes, etc.
* opennews.intern -- Discussions on the way OpenNews is run.
* -- Newbie questions, oldie answers.
* -- A place to hang out, no specific topic.
* opennews.test -- This where test posts go.

2. Sure, but what is it for?

The hierarchy is an effort to support public communication within and about the Open News Network. Members, Peering partners and readers of news groups are welcome to join discussions onOpenNewstopics.

3. What is this Open-News-Network you keep talking about?

OpenNews is a network both in the technological and in the social sense. It aims to provide open, non commercial access to text based usenet. Membership is constituted by support of the project. Support may be active collaboration, allocation of rescouces, or both.

4. What is the legal status of OpenNews? A "Verein"?

Currently OpenNews is all informal. But a dedicated society according to German law ("Eingetragener Verein") is about to be founded. This proved to be a non trivial task. It involves getting the necessary number of members to agree on a written charter, have them congregate for foundation and get the paper work done. Having the potential members of the society scattered all over Germany and beyond aggravates the task. That said, we are still looking for prospective foundation members.

5. How do I join OpenNews?

Support the project. Additional usenet servers are always welcome. Other tasks might require a few hours of coding. The current infrastructure of the network is far from perfect. You may introduce yourself in opennews.intern by telling what you intend to do. As informal as it seems, membership is not automatic. It requires the explicit wish to join and approval of the charter of OpenNews.

6. I don't want to join anything! I just want to read and post on usenet.

Sure. This is what OpenNews is all about: "Open Usenet access to everyone". Remember, the term Open in this context stands for a similar set of concepts as in Open Source. Acces is free as in beer, but it is also free as in society. Everyone still has to obey the law. In addition, you have to stick to the OpenNews terms of use. We deliberately kept this set of rules to the absolute minimum. We may drop this possibility to read and post without membership if legal problems force us to. At the moment we are happy to provide free access and intend to keep it like that.

7. I have a usenet server running. Can I peer with OpenNews?

We will happily accept additional peering partners. Just drop a post in opennews.admin.

8. I set up a news server. Now, I'd like to grant OpenNews Users access.

Excellent idea! Dedication of bandwidth is always wellcome. Hopefully you host a clean spamless server that communicates according to the the RFC standards. We can provide online help if there are weak spots.

9. I want to set up a news server to be part of OpenNews. Do you accept newbies like me? What do I Do to get started?

Everything is possible whithin a network ;-) There is a HOWTO on Get in touch with us at opennews.intern. We will guide you through the process step by step. In addition you can get a host of advice on day to dy care and feeding of the server.

10. Where do I find the checkgroups of the opennews hierarchy?

Nicht definiert