Registration and Usage

1. I have read the conditions and agree with them. Now I want to send postings. What must I do?

Register at the our double opt-in web interface:

* You will receive an automatically generated email.
* Reply to confirm that the address you gave, is valid.
* Next, you will receive the login for your account at
* OpenNews to the same email address. We are still beta testing our service. Please be patient if delays occur.
* Choose one of our news servers (see next question).
* Point your news reader to our server and download the
* list of available news groups.
* Happy posting!

2. What are the names of the OpenNews servers?

You can find the current list of servers at our website:

* ServerList

In Addition there is This server is dedicated to the projects hierarchy "opennews.*".

3. Which groups are on what server?

You can find a comprehensive table at Grouplist . Note, that you can receive groups from more than one server.

4. How long will the servers keep the postings?

This differs among servers and among hierarchies. Our website gives the number of postings held in every server per hierarchy: Percentages are calculated relative to the maximum number of postings held by any OpenNews server.

5. I can't see all the groups your website promises. How come?

You may have to tweak the authentification settings of your news server. Some groups are visible even without any password given. To see all the groups you may have to check "always use authentification". The exact title of the required setting depends on the news reader you use.

6. I can't post in group !?

See above. You have to make your reader always authenticate to our servers. Some readers assume that they are allowed to post to every group on a server if they succeeded with some group. We deliberately allow non-authenticated posts to Because of this, your reader may erroneously try to post to other groups without password unless you specify "always authenticate".