we cordially welcome you to the Open-News-Network or OpenNews, for short.

OpenNews aims to provide free access to the usenet.

OpenNews is a network both in the technological and in the social sense. It aims to provide open, non commercial access to text based usenet.
Membership is constituted by support of the project. Support may be active collaboration, allocation of rescouces, or both.

How do I join OpenNews?

Support the project. Additional usenet servers are always welcome. Otherasks might require a few hours of coding. The current infrastructure of
the network is far from perfect. You may introduce yourself in opennews.intern by telling what you intend to do. As informal as it seems,
membership is not automatic. It requires the explicit wish to join and approval of the charter of OpenNews.

I don't want to join anything! I just want to read and post on usenet.

Sure. This is what OpenNews is all about: "Open Usenet access to everyone". Remember, the term Open in this context stands for a similar set of concepts as in Open Source. Access is free as in beer, but it is also free as in society. Everyone still has to obey the law. In addition, you have to stick
to the OpenNews terms of use. We deliberately kept this set of rules to the absolute minimum.
We may drop this possibility to read and post without membership if legal problems force us to. At the moment we are happy to provide free access and
intend to keep it like that.

I have read the conditions and agree with them. Now I want to send
postings. What must I do?

* Register at the our double opt-in web interface:
* You will receive an automatically generated email.
* Reply to confirm that the address you gave, is valid.
* Next, you will receive the login for your account at
OpenNews to the same email address. We are still beta testing
our service. Please be patient if delays occur.
* Choose one of our news servers (see next question).
* Point your news reader to our server and download the
list of available news groups.
* Happy posting!

Terms of use