How to set up Mozilla (from Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo)

to access the Open-news-network Servers and their newsgroups

This set of instructions applies to any Mozilla based program, such as SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Netscape 6 or 7, Thunderbird, or any other [except Netscape 4]. It also applies to any operating system, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, or whatever.

In order to add a news server account, you need to get into the Account Settings. To do that, look on the menu bar and click on either:

Edit, then Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, or

Edit, then Account Settings, or

Tools, then Account Settings, or

look around the menus for something called Account Settings

When a window pops up, click on the Add Account button on the bottom left, just under all the accounts.

In the next window, click on Newsgroup Account, then OK or Next.

In this window, on the first line, you enter your name, for example, John Smith.

In the next line, enter your email address, for example, Then click OK or Next.

In the next window, you enter the newsgroup server name, such as:

then click OK or Next. Then Next again, then finally Finish. There, now you're finished and you should have a new newsgroup server in the Account Settings.

When you get back to the main account settings window, click on Server Settings for the account you just created, and make sure that the Port is 119. Furthermore, make sure that "Use Secure Connection (SSL)" and "Always request authentication when connecting to this server" are unchecked.

When everything has been checked and everything is correct, click OK at the bottom right.

You will now be taken back to the Main window. Now, to get your newsgroups, click on the News Server you just created, then click on File, then Subscribe. If it doesn't automatically connect and give you the list of newsgroups, then click on the Refresh button. After you've selected the groups you want to view, click the OK button, and you're taken back to the main Mozilla window. Remember this, the groups are presented in the order you selected them.